I did MBA from Maastricht School of Management, Netherlands .I am a contemporary Artist and Photographer, who loves traveling and meeting with new people. I was traveling around the world and all over Bhutan also.

I myself being a professional guide before I really know the need of our guest. Our services are personalized and do not believe in the standard tour itinerary. I have been leading groups more than a decade now.

“In organizing your trip, we will not make promises we cannot keep”.




I remember when I was a little girl, all I’ve ever wanted to do is travel. Growing up in a tiny town in Malaysia, my first trip abroad was to our closest neighbor Singapore. A few years later, I was taken on an amazing trip (sponsored by my loving parents, obviously), 6,555 miles to London at the tender age of 11. I am pretty sure that was the time when the travel bug in me kicked in.

For more than 20 years I have been traveling the globe as a contemporary wanderer, combining my love for travel with pilgrimages and volunteer work, adventure trips, a bit of travel sharing and business.

I have now completed the trek to Mt Fuji, climbed the Great Wall of China and trekked up the dangerous trail up Mount Hua, to scuba diving in the Pacific Ocean near the Okinawa and Yonaguni Islands, to visiting Chichen Itza and I have even had a dip in the mysterious Ik-Kil Cenote in Mexico. My other adventures has taken me to various countries in Europe, the US, Bahamas, Cuba as well as the beautiful countries in South East Asia.

When I took off travelling seriously the digital camera was widely used and I began posting them on Facebook to share stories and pictures with my circle of trusted friends and, most importantly, to reassure my mother, especially, that I was not dead. Flash forward to the current day and I’m still sharing about my travel life on Facebook, only it’s not just my mum now. My circle of trusted friends has grown exponentially large throughout the years. I’m not sure if that’s an accomplishment worthy of an award, or a level of chronic narcissism that’s worthy of psychotherapy, probably both!

I have always believed that we should tread lightly on the earth, whether in our own backyard or someone else’s, and that we all have a responsibility to act as ambassadors of our own country by treating other people and their village or city with respect. While traveling I enjoy discovering new (vegetarian) foods, learning the culture and meeting the local people.

I am and always will be an active traveller; I love hiking above all else, but you’ll also find me skiing, exploring the unusual shops in the narrow lanes, reading and sipping coffee in a café, snorkelling and sometimes scuba diving and engaging in a number of other active pursuits when I’m on the road.

What am I not? I’m not a backpacker; I’m not a nomad; I’m not someone who will give up and quit my job, abandoning my old lifestyle to travel the world without a pause. I’m just a simple girl who has managed to balance a career, with my family and exploring the world.

Still on my wish list – to travel to Tibet, the Easter Islands and hike up Machu Picchu.



Chimi holds a BBA degree from Hanyang University and Masters in Development Policy degree from Korea Development Institute, South Korea. In mid-2016, I joined my husband and moved to California, USA. I am completely fascinated and eager to explore the new environment.

Currently, i hold the position of an online Overseas Marketing Officer in Smile Bhutan while I still participate in several voluntary and charity events in and around my neighbourhood. Other than my voluntary work, my main interests are travelling and promoting my home country, Bhutan, to the rest of the world.

I make an excellent addition to the Smile Bhutan team because of my foreign language skills. In recent years, i have been given the opportunities to serve many South Korean guests and added diversity to Smile Bhutan’s guests list. Not only I’m able to promote the Smile Bhutan as travel agency, but my creativity also helps in improving our services for the guests. My desire in developing my career in marketing quality tourism offers a possibility for growth for Smile Bhutan in tourism industry.